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The Gift Meera Couldn't Refuse

The Gift Meera Couldn't Refuse

UNITED STATES — Wandering around the outdoor market, Meera, an international student from Asia, noticed an older woman selling expensive, handmade pottery. She picked up a mug from the table and admired the craftsmanship.

“Would you like to buy it?” the woman asked.

“I can’t afford it,” she replied, and set the mug back on the table.

The woman took the mug Meera had been holding and began wrapping it up in tissue paper. Meera thought maybe she had accidentally communicated she would buy it and, not wanting to offend the woman, reached for her credit card in her pocket.

“No, put away your card,” she said. “This is yours for free.”

Meera put her card back in her pocket and thanked the woman for her generous gift. She left with the mug in her hand and a smile on her face.

When she got home later that day, she texted her friends, Crossworld workers Ross and Rebecca. Meera told Ross and Rebecca what had happened at the market.

“It would have been unthinkable for me to refuse her gift and reject her generosity,” Meera said. “This mug is priceless.”

Meera had met Ross and Rebecca at a gathering for international students. Meera had been attending the meetings for months now and had heard the gospel numerous times from Ross and Rebecca and other leaders. However, she had made it clear she wanted to continue following the religion of her own culture.

“You said it was unthinkable for you to reject the gift from the potter,” Ross and Rebecca responded to Meera. “There is another person named Jesus who has also offered you a priceless gift that cost him everything. He even gave his life for you to pay the price that you couldn’t pay yourself.”

“How do I know that Jesus is God?” Meera responded.

This was not the first time Meera had asked that question, and Ross and Rebecca had answered it many times already. This time, they took a different approach.

“Meera, God gave you a very good brain,” Ross and Rebecca replied. “Why don’t you use it to research that question — how does Jesus prove that he is God?”

Not long after this conversation, Meera graduated and moved away, with no indication of moving toward Jesus. But that doesn’t mean God has stopped working in her life.

Do you believe God is still writing Meera’s story? Your prayers can make a difference in her life. Pray for Meera to seek the Lord while he may be found.

The people in this story are real, but their names have been changed to protect their privacy.

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