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What to Do After College

What to Do After College

“What should I do when I graduate college?”

I hear this question year after year from college seniors thinking about what’s next.

You may not have a job lined up, or you may not even know what kind of job you want. You may fear an economic recession will make it hard to find a job at all with your lack of work experience.

Maybe you desire to take some time off or travel, but your student loan bills are staring you in the face. Maybe you’re balancing the pressure to enter the work force with the command in Scripture to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20) and wondering how you can pursue your career and obey Jesus at the same time.

That’s a lot of factors to consider!

I sense this anxiety in the minds of many soon-to-be grads. If you’re feeling the same pressure about college graduation, let me encourage you that you don’t have to have your whole life planned out before you walk across that stage.

I’ve coached many young adults through their “what’s next” apprehension. The options seem endless, but that doesn’t have to induce fear.

Here are five questions to help you go from anxious to excited about your plans after graduation.

1. How has God wired you?

You’re about to earn a degree in a particular field — one of many qualities you have to offer. Besides your education, what other skills do you have? Where are you naturally gifted? What are your hobbies and passions? What other experience do you bring? Something as simple as being a native English speaker can land you a job just about anywhere in the world. You might even find a way to pair two unrelated skills. Such was the case for a professional welder and hobbyist musician who found her place teaching both skills at a community center in the Balkans.

2. Where do you want to grow?

Many young people today want to be mentored, either professionally or personally. What a wise desire! Consider what areas you want to grow in and look for a place where someone will invest in you. That might be an apprenticeship within your trade, an international company with a career development track, or simply an intentional friendship with someone whose character you admire. Whatever you choose career-wise, now is the best time in your life to be discipled by a mature believer who will help you grow in your faith and teach you to disciple others also.

3. Can your faith and your career go together?

Let me answer this one for you: Yes! It doesn’t have to be one or the other. In fact, there should be no anxiety at all about choosing between God and your career. He has given you professional skills, not in opposition to your faith but rather as the primary venue for your expression of it. Throughout history, God has used men and women from all professions to fulfill his global purposes. They moved cross-culturally with their career in one hand and their passion to make disciples in the other. Yes, you can (and should) be a disciple-making entrepreneur, teacher, counselor, pilot, engineer, veterinarian, or [fill in the blank].

4. Have you considered taking your profession abroad?

Imagine if you could travel the world and add international work experience to your resume. English teachers are in high demand around the world, which makes teaching abroad one of the best jobs for college grads with no experience. Or you can work with a placement agency to find a position within your field that fits your career goals. Besides job-specific skills, you’ll learn to communicate across cultures, resolve conflict, and creatively solve problems — skills that will serve you well in any future career.

5. Who will walk with you through this transition?

You don’t need to carry the pressure of this decision alone. If you already have a Christian mentor, ask him or her to help you process these questions and weigh your opportunities. If you don’t, I’d love to be your guide. I’m interested to hear your story, pray with you, and help you discern God’s leading in your life. Reach out to me on Instagram @markcrossworldrecruiter.

Are you wondering what to do after college? We can help you engage your profession and passions to make disciples. Click here to talk to someone from our team.

Mark Silvers, Crossworld Director of MobilizationMark Silvers served with Crossworld in the Philippines for 10 years and joined the Recruitment team in 2009. Mark’s driving passion is to reach the 3.02 billion people in the world today with no access to the gospel.

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